On Resume Examples you will find information on how to write a resume for different fields and job profiles. There are some basic yet utmost important information that candidates miss out and hence cannot impress the recruiter.

Motive of Writing Resume

We all write resumes and the first thing that newcomers are asked to do when looking for a job is make a resume. Given it a thought that why is it so? What is the resume? In what way is it useful? Answer to these questions is a single statement. It is for getting screened in.

Heard of the psychological law of creating an impression in just half a minute? 30 seconds to be more precise. Well, it applies here too in your resume, because a resume represents your personality and capabilities in short to the employer.

Resume Formats

The next thing to do is pay attention to the way you are supposed to format your resume. This depends on your professional stance for the particular profile you are applying.

For example, if you are a fresher you should use the functional format of resume writing to highlight your education or skills relevant to the job profile. Similarly, in case you have considerable amount of experience in the same field, make use of the reverse chronological resume format.

There is another style of writing a resume, i.e. the combination style. This style should ideally be used when one is opting for a career change or shifting to a job which is remotely related to one’s last job.

Resume Samples

It is very helpful to refer to resume examples to get to know the ways in which you can highlight your skills and qualifications. You also come to know the different requirements of the recruiters. There are many online job portals which give you different resume tips that should be followed.

We on Resume Examples provide you with examples of resumes of different work profiles. We have categorized the jobs on the left side of the page where you can find the profile suitable for you.

Resume Workshop Section

To keep you posted with the latest happenings, trends and news items we have a dedicated news section. Please make use of it to keep yourself abreast with the latest changes and alterations in making resumes and more.

Career Discussion

Forums are a platform for you to discuss or ask questions which our experts will answer. You also come to know what others are thinking or come to know where others have doubts in making resumes.

With this information we welcome to Resume Examples. Please feel free to post your queries or doubts and find valuable information with the help of resume examples of many job profiles.

Our Commitment

You can trust that your resume and cover letters will be handled with professionalism, integrity, and the utmost discretion. 


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