A business data analyst has to perform the job duties like analyzing the financial data, collecting the information, compiling it and generating the desired reports. The person applying for this position should have complete knowledge of handling the company accounts, financial data analysis and other relevant skills. The analyst resume sample provided here will give you clear understanding of the information to be presented in this type of application. Go through the sample and get more ideas on analyst resumes.

Sample Analyst Resume

Keith T. Rogers                                                                                

4458 New York Avenue                                                                                 

Los Angeles, CA 90017



Career Objective

Looking for a challenging and valuable position of a data analyst in the company to put my knowledge to good use by assisting the company in planning the development strategies with the help of accurate data analysis

Educational Credentials        Master’s Degree in Business Administration, 2004

                                                University of California

                                                Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, 2002

                                                University of California

                                                Diploma in Business Management, 1998

                                                University of California

Key Skills                              

·        Complete understanding of finance, business and marketing concepts

·        Excellent analytical skills and proficiency in using different computer applications

·        Interpretation skills with knowledge of data collection and data analysis

·        Excellent written and verbal communication

·        Convincing ability with strong presentation skills

·        Familiar with office documentation and preparing analysis reports

Work History

Business Data Analyst          Aroma Financial Services Ltd., LA, CA

                                                March 2006 to present

·        Colleting the data from various departments in the organization and preparing the summarized report

·        Compiling the reports received from different departments in the company

·        Interpret the collected information and compare with the planned activities

·        Trained the new staff for implementing data interpretation techniques and different tools and applications

·        Interpret the terms in the contract and present them in an easy to understand language to the recipients

·        Observed the marked behavior and estimated the trends in the market

Business Data Analyst          United Financial Services, LA

                                                September 2004 to February 2006

·        Evaluated the financial data and calculated the profit and loss statements for the company

·        Reviewed the performance reports for each quarter to sort out the positive and negative factors involved in the performance

·        Maintained the computerized records of financial estimations

·        Collected the data from different departments regarding the performance and compiled it to generate the summarized report

·        Estimated and planned the budget depending on the requirements of different departments in the company

·        Planned new business strategies for improving the performance

Personal Information

Name                                       Keith T. Rogers

Date of Birth                             7th June 1980

Nationality                                American

Gender                                     Male

Marital Status                           Married

Employment Status                   Fulltime


Danny Garcia

Business Development Manager

Aroma Financial Services Ltd, Los Angeles

Contact Number - 510-743-1228

E-Mail ID –garciadanny@example.com

This job of business analyst is a challenging one and the person working as a financial analyst should be highly experienced and skilled to handle the associated complex job responsibilities. It is best for those who enjoy analyzing the data and finding the necessary solutions. Sample for business data analyst will help you a lot in designing your application if you are applying for any such position. You can just make the necessary changes in the information keeping the basic format same. 

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