Resume is a document on the basis of which you get a job. This shows the level of importance it has in getting the most coveted jobs. Unfortunately most of the candidates hunt for resume making tips online and go for the most commonly advertised format. One needs to know the basics of a resume and its purpose. They can be listed as follows:

  • What exactly is a resume: It is nothing but a precise summary of your information which will get you a job. You need to mention your educational, extracurricular activities (i.e., only if it is of relevance with the job applied), professional experiences, etc.

  • Resume Template / Format: The most common question is the way of presentation of this information. There are different kinds of resume formats like the reverse chronological order, which is used to when you have no time gap in your education and profession. It is recruiter-friendly because it gives you detailed information

Then there is functional format of resume for people who opt for a change in career, freshers in any field, people who have had a time gap in between their working or studying tenure.

One should know these basics formats and their purposes; then choose what suits their profile the best.

  • Accompaniments: There are other applications which one can submit to enhance one’s job application and resume. Cover letter is one such example.

Common Resume Mistakes

Some of the common follies people do while making resume samples are as follows:

  • Irrelevant information- It just shows lack of common sense and gives an impression of being uninformed

  • Scarce information- This again is a no-no because you need to present sizeable information to get the recruiter interested in you. Too less information will lead to disappointment

  • Presentation- It is important to be clear and specific while presenting your details. It should be free of ambiguity and should not skip necessary details

  • Readability- We are supposed to make the job of the employer easier by giving them an easy to comprehend resume. For example, one which does not require the reader to go through the information for deciphering the meaning

  • Colors and designs- A resume is not a toy with which you have to attract the reader by using alluring colors. A simple and standard paper with standard font face is preferred. Avoid decorating the resume

  • Language- It is important to maintain the same tense throughout when writing your responsibilities. It is advised to use more verbs when writing that section. Check for mistakes before submitting the resume

  • Credibility- When you claim to have achieved something in your sphere it is necessary to substantiate the same by giving information about the same. It can be as simple but necessary as writing about some competitions you have participated in, if you write that you are good in elocution

Be assured of finding the right information here in our resume workshop and confidently send your resume.

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