The amount of tension an interview builds up in most of the candidates explains the importance it holds. It goes beyond saying that an interview is more often than not considered as the deciding factor of one’s candidature. Hence it only makes sense to know about the common questions asked in different interviews and the situations too.

Purpose of Interview

Why hold an interview in the first place? This is the most common question that freshers have in mind. The reason behind this is crucial, and this is where everyone has a scope to win the employers’ mind.


The ‘interview’ basically means a discussion as opposed to the common misconception of a ‘one sided questioning session.’ The interviewer tries to be friendly with the candidate to know some intrinsic things for checking the suitability for their organization.


The main purpose of conducting an interview is to check the level of interest and confidence in a candidate for the particular job. For example, many people have impressive resumes but they do not fit the employers’ criteria and often we see that a lesser experienced candidate gets the job. This is where the interview, the discussion between the candidate and employer makes a difference.


The second most important thing an employer or recruiter looks for is the level of seriousness and preparedness (mental as well as basic knowledge-wise) the candidate has. One is expected to have a strong foundation in the field and have a clear notion of what they have applied for. These factors cannot be judged from the resume, hence the interview.

Candidate Speak

This is where most of the candidates go wrong and lose out on creating the lasting and strong impression needed to get a job. Although it can backfire in some cases as one should know the tact of asking questions to the employer. It is the golden chance to clear all your doubts regarding the job profile and the work you are supposed to do.

Thus, for all these important reasons holding an interview is necessary. Find information on facing interviews for different job profiles and some sample questions and situations as well. Know how to face them well, because preparedness is the key to success when it comes to interview.

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