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Cover letters are always accompanied with a resume. The aim of writing one is to attract the recruiter’s attention to your resume by giving them reasons for hiring you.

Resume cover letters have become the trend of applying for a job and candidates use this informal letter to tell the recruiter how they like to be in the job profile and in the ways they have been motivated to apply for a job in their organization.

·        It makes a difference as the recruiter looks for a candidate who is not only enthusiastic but is aware of the market situation and updated with the requirements of the job

·        The length of a cover letter is hardly 300 words, depends on what you wish to convey or let the employer know about you. Kindly note that the information you provide should be relevant to the selection for the job

·        The most important factor for writing a good and effective cover letter is the details of the addressee, i.e., you should know, you are required to find out the name and official designation of the addressee when drafting the letter

·        You need to mention some basic things like the source of information of the vacancy. In case you have some references do mention them in the cover letter

·        Line of gratitude has to be mentioned in the cover letter. Note that it is an  additional document through which you attempt to have an interaction with the recruiter or employer, so you should thank him or her for their time


There is a scope of making a lasting impression on the employer when you submit a cover letter along with your resume. The reason behind this is very simple, the 10seconds test. A person forms an impression of someone in just the initial 10 seconds of interaction. However, the cover letter does the job of creating your image in front of the reader.


Hence you are to ensure that the information you give is substantial and does not seem to be a replica of your resume. The content for both of them is different.


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